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A beautiful punch in the throat.

I was in dire need of new reading material. Yesterday, I dropped by my favorite used bookstore and loaded up.

This morning, I worked on a proposal for my WIP, then spent the afternoon throwing ideas around for Split‘s back cover blurb. When my nerves got the best of me, I stopped everything and pulled one of my new “old books” off the shelf.

It was Dream Boy by Jim Grimsley. I read it in an hour and a half. The apartment could have been engulfed in fire. I couldn’t care less. I only wanted his words. Only needed to turn the pages.

It has been a very very long and lonely time since I’ve come across such a kindred soul. His writing is in tune with a song I’ve been humming secretly all my life. If I could write a novel like that, I would die at peace with myself.

I finished the book.

Shut it close.

Wept into my hands for five minutes.

Nathan and Roy are everywhere around me this evening. This story has made a mark on the bark of my soul.

So thank you Jim Grimsley.


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