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Concepts greater than I.

I’ve been immersing myself in philosophy as of late. Between Marxism and Buddhism, Absolute Ideas and Christianity, Empiric Reality and Dionysus Dreams, my mind stretches to its very limits, almost breaking at times.

Yet, it feels so good to think sideways.

I’ve been wondering…

Is a writer one who testifies subjectively, or is he the artist ?

I thought I would quote a passage from Nietzche’s The birth of a tragedy to explain how I feel about the question…

“Metaphor, for an authentic poet, is not a figure of rhetoric but a representative image standing concretely before him in lieu of concept. A character, to him, is not an assemblage of individual traits laboriously pieced together, but a personage beheld as insistently living before his eyes…We all talk about poetry so abstractly because we all tend to be indifferent poets. At bottom, the esthetic phenomenon is quite simple: all one needs in order to be a poet is the ability to have a lively action going on before one continually, to live surrounded by ghosts and spirits.”

I would love to write a book that would read like a Greek chorus.

Fiction that doesn’t simply record, but exists. Wanting and doing are sometimes irreconcilable !

For now, I can only soak up these beautiful truths.


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