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I love you too, Phillip Morris!

Refreshing. Outrageous. Deliciously cool.

I was delighted and highly entertained by this film. No, it isn’t flawless–definitely more commercial than I had thought, but herein lies the surprise: it works. The love story between two men becomes not a gay love story, but a love story, period. And what a fantastically orignal love story it is.  Hilarious, and then quiet, deeply moving.

Jim Carrey played his usual goofy, off the wall character, yet brought a new sensitivity to his habitually overplayed theatrics. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was nominated for an Oscar next year. Look, if they gave one to Boring yawn-yawn- Bullocks, they can throw one his way as well. Oh, and Ewan McGregor? Mama mia. Everyone who knows me, knows my péché mignon: vulnerable, tender-hearted, dimmed-voice men, yes ma’am,  I got my kicks watching McGregor bat his baby blues. One time, he explains to Steven ( Jim Carrey ), his new cell mate, “I don’t go in the yard. You know what happens to blond-haired, blue-eyed queer boys in the yard.” And I’m thinking, well, that’s a whole other movie right there. But I digress.

On another note, I am wrapping up my submission for the new book, and feeling confidentohmygodwhatdidIwritenervousI’mgoingtohurlbutit’sgood about it. How will my publisher and editor react to this new thing?

But I wrote it. It’s done, and I want to share it.

Yesterday, I saw both my brothers for the first time in five years. Needless to say, it was intense. The stars have realigned themselves. The Great Hand has stopped giving me the middle finger, and I think I may have a family again. So, while Karma is distracted, I am going to send this book out and count on the new wind blowing through my life to spread some good ol’ seeds of love.

And lots of the s word as well.



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