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On intelligence…

Two men stand at the white line, toes stretched in anticipation. Gunshot. The men dash forth. It’s go time.

At the finish line, both men gasp, bent and spent.

Can we measure that? Can we understand it?

Yes. We have instruments which can tell us exactly what it took for these bodies to achieve this supreme physical excellence. There is almost no subjectivity to measuring the quality of an athlete’s body. It is a question of elements and science.

And what about the psychological aspect? You know, that little thing we call “state of mind”? Does that have any bearing on whose toe touched the finish line a nanosecond sooner, stuffing the victory right out of the competitor’s hands?

What is that push, that extra resource which makes one a winner and the other, second best?

Willingness, I think. Physiologically, willingness translates into action, either in thought or movement, and this forward motion, may it be of the mind or body, is the highest form of intelligence. All of man’s endeavors, art and industrial, are first imagined. Imagination, Einstein once said, is more powerful than knowledge. Imagination is the birthplace of an idea, but the materialization of the noblest of ideas can only occur through the willingness of its originator.

Look around you; those who gain momentum as others lag behind, are the men and women who are willing to be in forward movement. That is, I believe, man’s natural state. Consider meditation–the very action of being still and receptive to higher vibrations, is in fact pure movement. The willingness to stop, is action in itself.

Intelligence is the willingness to learn, nothing more. Without the will, there can be no real knowledge.

Back to our sprinters.

They stand at the finish line, breathing in harsh, hot breaths. What was the action that brought the Gold to the winner?

Think about it:-)


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