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Montreal, my purple city.

Our mayor has been arrested…

Funny how I really can’t make myself care about Montreal’s downward spiral into the gutter. It’s dirty, it’s crooked, it’s falling apart. Yeah, so? I have a feeling things aren’t rosier in other cities–they just don’t have a commission looking into their closets. 

And for people like me, it doesn’t really matter anymore who runs the show. I still have to pay for my bus pass, even when the metro breaks almost every other day, and I still have to pay my rent increase every year because my landlord tells me she’s struggling with inflation (how about selling the cottage house and not building that extension to your already gigantic house, hm?) and I still have to put up with Hydro upping the bill every year, but wait Péladeau will take care of that, right? I still have to pay for car repairs on my old car because of how bad the roads are here  (which by the way technically my car is so old they want to make it illegal for me to drive it). Still have to find a decent school to send my kids too that won’t cost me a kidney.

But you know, I can deal with that. What really PISSES me off is the price of wine here. Damn, as Oscar Wilde said, “work is the curse of the drinking classes”. 

Let us at least have a cheap bottle of wine readily available when we desire it.

I had dinner with an author I greatly admire and he told me about the low cost of living in Thailand. Then I have someone tell me about the low cost of living in South America, and oh, another one tells me about the low cost of living in such and such a place…Then why are they all back here, in good ol’ Montreal?

There must be something in the water. 

Oh wait, there actually was something in the water. We had to boil it for 36 hours a few weeks ago.

What is it about this city? She’s not Paris, and can’t quite match New York, and yet, there’s something about her. Montreal has that “je ne sais quoi” written all over her body. 

She’s queer, that’s what it is. Oh yes. I’d even claim her as being bi. There isn’t a city quite as split as Montreal in North America. And according to the latest studies, bi people have poorer mental and physical health than gay or straight folks. It’s all the purple in our blood, I guess.

When I look around my city streets, I see what neglect has done to her. There’s a sad mixture of indifference and possessiveness here. Like a bi girl at a party where half of the room is gay and the other half, straight. Some want to claim her, some just ignore her.

The francos and anglos here generally want Montreal to pick a side, and at other times, they just look the other way, and corruption seeps into our city’s heart.

I want Montreal to say, “Fuck you, I am what I am. Anglo. Franco. Multi-faced. Open minded. Welcoming. Bohemian. Business. A place to learn and live and party.”

We don’t need another mayor. We need a leader.

For fun, here are my choices:

4-Atticus from To kill a mockingbird. (Compassion and intelligence, anyone?)

3-John Galt from Atlas Shrugged (corruption? Nah, I don’t think so.)

2-Elinor Dashwood from Sense and sensibility (but we’d have to leave all of the festival planning to her sister)

And my number one…The little prince. 

At least, the child understand accountability.

And besides, if we’re all going to be in the gutter, we should be looking up to the stars…

Preferably with a glass of wine. Not cheap, but inexpensive.:-)






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