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This love ain’t finished yet


When Derek left Nick, he promised himself he’d never look back.

But almost a year has passed since then, and though Derek has found a new home, a new job, and new meaning to his life, his scars won’t heal, and Nick’s name is still written inside his purple heart.

All around him, everything and everyone is moving on, but Derek remains the same―a grown man with the heart of an eleven-year-old boy.

Until Nick does something that changes everything. Nick’s silent, but desperate cry for Derek, forces Derek to finally awaken to his own truth…  It’s time for him to rise up and out of the ashes. It’s time for Derek to claim back the man that was, still is, and always will be, his one and only true love.

Release date: December 2013

60 000 words, 1.99$


About Mel

Montreal queer fiction writer.

2 responses to “This love ain’t finished yet

  1. nikki

    Loved this and can’t quite believe the journey is over for these 4 guys.

  2. Mel

    Thank you. In my mind they’re still having adventures…Maybe one day I’ll write about Nick’s Vancouver days and travels…

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