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In his secret life is a finalist for a Lambda award in the bisexual fiction category




Very shocked to say Davinder made it to the lammys.

In the bi fiction category too.

The most amazing thing is the company the book is in. I`m really overwhelmed to see the other finalists’ names right there with In his secret life…

I love Allen and Davinder! They took me there. Those characters are the reason the book made it this far.

Today is mom’s birthday. She would have been sixty-two years old if leukemia had not killed her. I believe this is her way of telling me to keep writing.

Those who follow me a little know I have had bad reviews for my last two books, but hey, I`m still here and still writing and hoping to woe you again.

Thanks to all of you on here who still buy and read books that are queer or gay or bi…written by guys or girls, straight or queer. As a bi woman, to be a finalist in the bi fiction category is EXTRA fucking special. I’ll tell you that much.

Now all I need is a bus ticket to New York:-)


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