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Where you’ll find him is now available for pre-order with Dreamspinner

I remember when I first started writing years back, I’d set my sights on Dreamspinner Press and it’s bunnamedeen a long road, but I finally have a book coming out with them on May 18th. And to add to my excitement, the great Paul Richmond designed the cover, which is gorgeous. Those pink balloons atop Wolfe and Gaspard’s heads are the symbol of Montreal’s gay village (my home) and I’m so happy to see them there on this cover!

This story is close to my heart because it revolves around a LGBT community that is struggling to stay open and features a cast of characters who are all based on the wonderful volunteers I’ve had the honor of knowing in my ”community” career. But at heart, of course, it’s a love story between two men of very different backgrounds and age, but who share the same vision of life.

Wolfe and Gaspard are compassionate, caring men who have always put everybody else’s needs before their own, until they meet and decide to put their love first.  In many ways, this book is my tribute to the volunteers out there who still try to make a difference in a world that is more and more cynical.

Hope Wolfe and Gaspard’s touching love story makes you feel good inside! 🙂

Here’s the link to the book:


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