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Linhart’s Beautiful Beast coming in July!

Joe Vega__The Beast

My first historical romance is coming out in July with JMS Books.

Set in prison, during the Great Depression era, somewhere in the Great North, it is a slow burning love story between two inmates; Joe Vega, known as the Beast, and his cellmate, snobby little brat Christophe Dubois.

It’s one of my most erotic books and I had A LOT of fun writing it.

Joe Vega, known as the Beast, is doing his time in Linhart Prison, trying to stay out of trouble. Until beautiful Christophe Dubois, son of a rich politician, is led into his cell, forcing Joe to break his every rule.

Linhart Prison is a dangerous place for men like Christophe, but every morning, Joe makes peace with God, prepared to kill or die for the man whose love has set him free.

I’ll post an excerpt soon!



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