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Lover of Light… It only takes a touch to shatter the line between hate and love.


After I wrote Craving’s Creek, I needed a little light. I’ve always enjoyed stories where the two main characters start off as “enemies” and then something happens that changes the way they see one and other. Slowly those dark, stormy skies turn to blue and here comes the sun…

Andy and Alexei were great to write. The setting was familiar to me–I was a bartender a long (long) time ago, and karaoke? YES. I loved writing about more flamboyant men. Both guys are a little catty and quick-witted and it was very rewarding as a writer to “watch” Andy and Alexei come together.

I usually write opposite attract love stories, but this one is quite different. Both men are very much alike, even physically. They really are soul mates.

But it takes them some time before they figure it out!

Release date: January 2016, by Samhain Publishing


Andy genuinely tried to be happy when his best friend, Dmitry, decided to marry his on-again-off-again Bulgarian boyfriend, Alexei—a beautiful problem case who’s obviously using Dmitry to get a green card. When Dmitry admits only days later that it’s over between him and the little gypsy jerk, Andy can barely contain his pleasure.

Then Andy’s boss announces he’s hired a new waiter. A real firecracker. When Alexei walks through the club’s door, Andy is completely unprepared to work with the man he blames for Dmitry’s broken heart.

In spite of himself, Andy becomes captivated by Alexei the musician, the singer—the man who still carries a light inside him despite his dark past. But Alexei’s time is quickly running out, and his health is fading fast. Though the love growing between them gets brighter every day, Alexei will soon have no choice but to return home to Bulgaria.

Unless Andy can convince him that home is waiting for him—right here in his arms.


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