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Hades in Love cover reveal and excerpt


I thought I’d give you a little taste, or rather,  a whiff of the Erebus fragrance:-)…

My new novel, the story of Harris (Hades), a perfumer well on his way to the top, and his lover, a male escort named Pallas, who won’t surrender his heart so easily, is coming out soon… Hope this little puff gets you hooked!

Hades in Love (Mel Bossa, copyright 2016)

Can’t you stay a little longer?” Harris didn’t want Pallas to leave just yet. The last minutes had gone by too fast. He wanted to know him a little better. What dreams danced behind those cool blue eyes of his? “There are a few more things we need to talk about, and I’d like to—”

Harris… do you want me to be your date at the launch party or not?”

Pallas was an Oneiroi, that was what it was. He was a perfect mirage.

The everlasting and unattainable fantasy.

Of course I want you to be my date. Uh, but would you agree to wear my perfume every time we meet?” The idea of smelling his creation on Pallas’s clothes thrilled Harris. “That would be so fantastic.”

Oh, of course I would. I wouldn’t have it any other way.” Pallas gazed into Harris’s eyes for a moment.

A moment long enough to fluster Harris. “So, then when do we meet again?”

I’ll give you a number and we’ll arrange something.” Pallas stood and picked up his bag and the forms. “How’s that sound, Hades?”

Harris cracked a smile. “Who told you they call me that?”

Okay, now you’ve really caught me.” Pallas laughed. “Look, the truth is, I know about you… I’ve read a few articles on you, and well, your new perfume company.” He took a shallow breath and stuffed a hand down his pocket. I find it all kind of fascinating.”

You do, huh? Well, I’d love to tell you more about it. If you’d stay a little longer.Harris rose. “What’s your name, by the way?”

Pallas, remember?

I meant your real name.”

I won’t tell you that. I’m sorry. I really can’t.”

Oh, right.” Harris felt the sting of a blush in his face. “But Pallas is good. It sounds noble.”

Pallas smiled and walked to the door. “Is that your fragrance in the air, by the way? Erebus, is it?”

Yes. God of shadows, he is.”

Well, Harris, I wouldn’t mind wearing it at all. It smells great.”

Electrified, Harris followed Pallas to the door. “Your number?” he asked in a choked voice.

I’ll text it to you tonight.”

You have my cell phone number?”

Yes, Olympus has it.”

Did I just sign my soul over to the devil here?” Harris chuckled, but he was a little apprehensive about this whole process.

Pallas winked and slid the lock open. “I’ll wait for your call.”

Wait, why did you choose Pallas? I mean, out of all the gods and demi-gods and mythical creatures you could have picked, why the god of war craft?”

That’s easy,” Pallas said, stepping out and looking over his shoulder at him with a serious expression. “Because love is the most vicious battlefield there ever was and I won’t lose my heart in the war.”




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