A Touch Of Rain coming soon!


Last year’s climate, all of the backward talk, double talking jive and deterioration of human dignity, burst the last of my bubbles. The Idealist in me died a long agonizing death, but like Romain Gary’s beautiful short story about a man who decides to build a cave under his library during the horrors of WWII and hides out there with his books and unbreakable faith in humankind, refusing to come out until goodness is restored, but then of course dying alone of old age, still waiting… The humanist in me will hang on.

Amidst all of the turmoil of late 2016, I did what I could to keep from becoming a cynical, despairing and angry woman, and sat down to write this simple tale of love and family. Rain and Tristan meet during a time when both guys are going through troubles, one, financially, and the other, emotionally, but though the odds are stacked high against them making it work, they turn to each other and let themselves be seen for who they are: as vulnerable men doing their best in a world that is getting tougher and tougher to understand. With the support of their loving and devoted friends, Tristan and Rain build on what they have and somehow that turns out to be just enough.

The optimism and positive vibes I felt when writing these guys surprised me because I never had that kind of family or support. I made it up as I went along, writing what I wish I could have known and it repaired something inside me.

I sort of learned that sometimes, simply imagining a better place for someone else, even a fictional character, tricks your brain into believing it could be possible for you too. 🙂

The novel comes out with JMS Books on Feb 18th. I hope you check it out!

Thank you for still reading books. Readers are PRECIOUS people.



Hey, by the way. It’s Bi Day!


Everything is gonna be ok.

Now, now, people settle down. It’s only us, the bisexuals come to say today is OUR day.

If someone you love or care about is bisexual, today’s a good day to tell them that you actually believe them when they tell you they’re bisexual. That would be an amazing start:-)

If you’re crushing on someone you think is bisexual and that thought scares you a little, today is a good day to make a move on that person–before it’s too late.

If you think maybe you may have hurt someone you care about who is bi, saying stuff that you didn’t mean about them being confused or really gay and in the closet, or just trying to get attention, maybe today is the day you apologize? 🙂

And lastly, if you identity as bisexual or pansexual, if only in secret and to yourself, today is your DAY. Enjoy it

Now go kiss somebody.




Hades in Love cover reveal and excerpt


I thought I’d give you a little taste, or rather,  a whiff of the Erebus fragrance:-)…

My new novel, the story of Harris (Hades), a perfumer well on his way to the top, and his lover, a male escort named Pallas, who won’t surrender his heart so easily, is coming out soon… Hope this little puff gets you hooked!

Hades in Love (Mel Bossa, copyright 2016)

Can’t you stay a little longer?” Harris didn’t want Pallas to leave just yet. The last minutes had gone by too fast. He wanted to know him a little better. What dreams danced behind those cool blue eyes of his? “There are a few more things we need to talk about, and I’d like to—”

Harris… do you want me to be your date at the launch party or not?”

Pallas was an Oneiroi, that was what it was. He was a perfect mirage.

The everlasting and unattainable fantasy.

Of course I want you to be my date. Uh, but would you agree to wear my perfume every time we meet?” The idea of smelling his creation on Pallas’s clothes thrilled Harris. “That would be so fantastic.”

Oh, of course I would. I wouldn’t have it any other way.” Pallas gazed into Harris’s eyes for a moment.

A moment long enough to fluster Harris. “So, then when do we meet again?”

I’ll give you a number and we’ll arrange something.” Pallas stood and picked up his bag and the forms. “How’s that sound, Hades?”

Harris cracked a smile. “Who told you they call me that?”

Okay, now you’ve really caught me.” Pallas laughed. “Look, the truth is, I know about you… I’ve read a few articles on you, and well, your new perfume company.” He took a shallow breath and stuffed a hand down his pocket. I find it all kind of fascinating.”

You do, huh? Well, I’d love to tell you more about it. If you’d stay a little longer.Harris rose. “What’s your name, by the way?”

Pallas, remember?

I meant your real name.”

I won’t tell you that. I’m sorry. I really can’t.”

Oh, right.” Harris felt the sting of a blush in his face. “But Pallas is good. It sounds noble.”

Pallas smiled and walked to the door. “Is that your fragrance in the air, by the way? Erebus, is it?”

Yes. God of shadows, he is.”

Well, Harris, I wouldn’t mind wearing it at all. It smells great.”

Electrified, Harris followed Pallas to the door. “Your number?” he asked in a choked voice.

I’ll text it to you tonight.”

You have my cell phone number?”

Yes, Olympus has it.”

Did I just sign my soul over to the devil here?” Harris chuckled, but he was a little apprehensive about this whole process.

Pallas winked and slid the lock open. “I’ll wait for your call.”

Wait, why did you choose Pallas? I mean, out of all the gods and demi-gods and mythical creatures you could have picked, why the god of war craft?”

That’s easy,” Pallas said, stepping out and looking over his shoulder at him with a serious expression. “Because love is the most vicious battlefield there ever was and I won’t lose my heart in the war.”



Lover of Light… It only takes a touch to shatter the line between hate and love.


After I wrote Craving’s Creek, I needed a little light. I’ve always enjoyed stories where the two main characters start off as “enemies” and then something happens that changes the way they see one and other. Slowly those dark, stormy skies turn to blue and here comes the sun…

Andy and Alexei were great to write. The setting was familiar to me–I was a bartender a long (long) time ago, and karaoke? YES. I loved writing about more flamboyant men. Both guys are a little catty and quick-witted and it was very rewarding as a writer to “watch” Andy and Alexei come together.

I usually write opposite attract love stories, but this one is quite different. Both men are very much alike, even physically. They really are soul mates.

But it takes them some time before they figure it out!

Release date: January 2016, by Samhain Publishing


Andy genuinely tried to be happy when his best friend, Dmitry, decided to marry his on-again-off-again Bulgarian boyfriend, Alexei—a beautiful problem case who’s obviously using Dmitry to get a green card. When Dmitry admits only days later that it’s over between him and the little gypsy jerk, Andy can barely contain his pleasure.

Then Andy’s boss announces he’s hired a new waiter. A real firecracker. When Alexei walks through the club’s door, Andy is completely unprepared to work with the man he blames for Dmitry’s broken heart.

In spite of himself, Andy becomes captivated by Alexei the musician, the singer—the man who still carries a light inside him despite his dark past. But Alexei’s time is quickly running out, and his health is fading fast. Though the love growing between them gets brighter every day, Alexei will soon have no choice but to return home to Bulgaria.

Unless Andy can convince him that home is waiting for him—right here in his arms.

Linhart’s Beautiful Beast coming in July!

Joe Vega__The Beast

My first historical romance is coming out in July with JMS Books.

Set in prison, during the Great Depression era, somewhere in the Great North, it is a slow burning love story between two inmates; Joe Vega, known as the Beast, and his cellmate, snobby little brat Christophe Dubois.

It’s one of my most erotic books and I had A LOT of fun writing it.

Joe Vega, known as the Beast, is doing his time in Linhart Prison, trying to stay out of trouble. Until beautiful Christophe Dubois, son of a rich politician, is led into his cell, forcing Joe to break his every rule.

Linhart Prison is a dangerous place for men like Christophe, but every morning, Joe makes peace with God, prepared to kill or die for the man whose love has set him free.

I’ll post an excerpt soon!


Where you’ll find him is now available for pre-order with Dreamspinner

I remember when I first started writing years back, I’d set my sights on Dreamspinner Press and it’s bunnamedeen a long road, but I finally have a book coming out with them on May 18th. And to add to my excitement, the great Paul Richmond designed the cover, which is gorgeous. Those pink balloons atop Wolfe and Gaspard’s heads are the symbol of Montreal’s gay village (my home) and I’m so happy to see them there on this cover!

This story is close to my heart because it revolves around a LGBT community that is struggling to stay open and features a cast of characters who are all based on the wonderful volunteers I’ve had the honor of knowing in my ”community” career. But at heart, of course, it’s a love story between two men of very different backgrounds and age, but who share the same vision of life.

Wolfe and Gaspard are compassionate, caring men who have always put everybody else’s needs before their own, until they meet and decide to put their love first.  In many ways, this book is my tribute to the volunteers out there who still try to make a difference in a world that is more and more cynical.

Hope Wolfe and Gaspard’s touching love story makes you feel good inside! 🙂

Here’s the link to the book: https://www.dreamspinnerpress.com/store/product_info.php?products_id=6411



Just got news from Samhain Publishing, and Craving’s Creek, is coming out next year!

How do you return to a place you never really left?

Fourteen years ago, during a trip to Craving’s creek, a remote place in the woods, Ryde made a promise to Alistair, his best friend. He swore to him he’d never be alone in the world. It was the summer of their livesthe summer of their first kiss. And though Alistair’s religious parents said their only son was destined to serve God as a priest, Ryde told himself he’d blow up the Grand Seminary school before he ever let that happen…

Now, fourteen years later, Ryde’s life is a mess. He has a drinking problem, and hasn’t been able to forget what happened to Alistair at the creek. He can’t come to terms with the evil they encountered there on its shore. An evil so terrible, it scarred his life forever. He never saw Alistair again after that summer. Ryde spends his nights reliving that last day he saw Alistair’s eyes. The day Alistair was carried off into the woods.

Then a friend from the past announces her cousin is getting married, and the priest performing the ceremony is Father Alistair Genet. Everything comes back to Ryde, and though he’s up against the Church, the love he still feels for Alistair is stronger than anything. Stronger than God.

Now if he can just get Alistair to remember what they once had without breaking him apart.

Where you’ll find him

les-boules-roses-14For anyone who knows Montreal in the summer, these little pink balls (I know I know) are very familiar and signify SUMMER FUN in the gay village. This is where I live and where I set my latest novel, Where you’ll find him, which I’m thrilled to announce will be out next year, with Dreamspinner Press.

I volunteer for a support line and face-to-face outreach center near my home, and have always been in and out of community work, at one time taking calls for the first AIDS help line. Throughout the years, I’ve met some fantastic people. People who literally work for peanuts and offer their time to help others in need. It’s a private sort of thing for me and one I don’t go around “bragging” about, but it’s an important part of my life that keeps me balanced, because let’s face it, when you write five or six hours a day, you spend a lot of time alone and going out there to do a shift at the center really helps me stay grounded and humble. It also nourishes my psyche in a way that eventually finds itself in my writing. Why am I bringing all this up?

Because I wanted to share these people with you. Needed to open that wonderful world of non profit up, and reveal its importance and beauty. I wanted to write about people who aren’t very “in” and don’t have prestigious jobs or trendy apartments, but who get up every morning to help make the world a better place. In the last fifteen years that I’ve been around these people, there was one man who stayed with me, in my heart. And though I haven’t seen him or his boyfriend for so many years, I still remember the impact he had on everyone he met. He was young, dedicated, funny, sensitive, and worked his ass off for little pay in a community center in the gay village.

I based my new character Wolfe Byrne on this guy and the story just took off. The novel is set in Montreal, at the fictional YBR center I also based on a real place some may recognize, and Wolfe Byrne is the young director trying to save the center from being closed by the board…

Love is the last thing on Wolfe’s mind. Until devastatingly handsome Gaspard walks up to his stand on Pride community day.  Freshly divorced, Gaspard is finally out of the closet as bisexual, and single again for the first time in thirty years. When he meets the young and beautiful director of the YBR center, Gaspard falls for Wolfe in a way he hadn’t been prepared for.  But twenty-four years separate them, and as events unfold, and relationships unravel, Gaspard fights himself, telling himself he must do the right thing.

But Wolfe has spent his life fighting for what he wants.. And what he wants is Gaspard…

I’m very excited about working with Dreamspinner on this one and hope you’ll be interested in meeting these two men next year, to experience their love and committed to each other. I loved writing this book and I think Wolfe and Gaspard will always hold a special place in my writer’s heart.

Owner of a Lonely Heart




Many things have happened in the last weeks, including our move into our new gay village home…I’ve been settling in and working on my new book, while trying to keep the family occupied, happy, and away from the Internet and Television.

Our new place is in the epicenter of everything queer and my partner and I have been getting to know the neighborhood and its beautiful people. Finally, I’ve found my home here and my hermit tendencies are slowly fading out…

But the best news of all, is that I recently signed a contract with Less Than Three Press for my new book, Owner of a Lonely Heart, which will be included in their Intertwined-Poly-amorous collection. 

Very excited to be part of this!

If you’re curious about the new book, here’s the “blurb“.

Declan Lonely spends his life trying to forget his violent past, but now that his big brother Valens is out of jail again, Declan’s quiet existence as a teacher is about to be turned upside down. Adding to this chaos, his best friend Rhys announces he’s leaving for Poland, just as Declan was ready to finally confess his love to him.

Overwhelmed, Declan turns to his friend Felix for support. Still yearning for Rhys, he also finds himself falling for Felix, who’s in dire need of his affection. As Declan and Felix get closer, Declan discovers Rhys is very attracted to Felix too, and together, the new couple decide to show Felix what love really is. It’s a delicate situation, but their unique bond also heals their wounds, challenging their personal views on traditional relationships along the way.

Then, as soon as Declan feels safe, violence shatters his life again. But this time, he isn’t alone to face it. No, this time, he has all the love he’s always craved.

And then some…




M is for Mighty and Magnificent.

Ever since I was a little girl, I had a crush on Maleficent. 

Later, I wanted to be Maleficent.

In Chinese astrology, I’m the Dragon, and too often, I’ve had to tame the powerful BEAST in me…In a conservative Italian family full of misogynist men, women can be lambs, mice and kittens, but dragons…not so much. 

So, with the years, I kept the dragon chained up in its cave, until it lost its mighty flame and could only puff and cough. 

There is a scene in the movie, where Maleficent cries out in fury and pain, and her sorrow moved me to tears. A woman scorned is what she became, but revenge can only fuel your fire for a little while…

In love she gets her wings back, and I wish I could get mine. We all start out as fairies, innocent and curious about our world, until we experience betrayal and pain. Some of us turn to dragons then.

Villains in our own stories.

But we are not only one thing. We are both fairy and dragon, villain,,, and hero. Image

The place where darkness and light meet, is where a human heart beats.